Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

The Scent of Disapproval [Postcard]


This photograph depicts four wolves - young males according to the caption of a very similar photograph - at Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located along Route 6 five miles east of Kane, PA. This is a postcard. The caption on the front of the card reads, "The Scent of Disapproval - ©." I believe this photo was taken by A. A. Nicolas due to the caption style and handwritten copyright symbol.

This photograph was taken between 1929 (when Dr. McCleery moved the wolf park to the Route 6 location) and 1932 (when another photograph, which appears to have been taken at the same time as this photograph, was featured in the Public Ledger of Philadelphia, PA).


This item was generously contributed by Nancy Avolese.



Between 1929 and 1932