Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Margaret Jones in Front of the Pens with Four Wolves at the Lobo Wolf Park in Kane [Photograph]


This photograph depicts Margaret Jones in front of the fence of Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located within the town limits of Kane, PA. One wolf is standing on its hind legs with its front paws against the fence, and three other wolves are visible in neighboring pens. The year 1920 is written below this photograph in the scrapbook, but Dr. McCleery obtained his first wolf in January 1921 so I believe that date is inaccurate. This photograph is included in the scrapbook of Earl C. Jones.

This photograph was taken between 1921 (when Dr. McCleery obtained his first wolf) and 1929 (when Dr. McCleery moved the wolf park to the Route 6 location).


This item was generously contributed by the Lorenzo family.



Between 1921 and 1929