Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Canis Lupus Nubilus (Lobo or Buffalo Wolves) at the Lobo Wolf Park - Wolf in the Snow [Postcard]


This photograph depicts a light brown wolf in the snow at Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located along Route 6 five miles east of Kane, PA. This is a postcard. The caption on the back of the card reads, "CANIS LUPUS NUBILUS (LOBO or BUFFALO WOLVES) at the LOBO WOLF PARK, 6 miles east of Kane, Pa. on U. S. 6 in the "Seneca Highlands". These Lobos, captured by the U.S. Biological Survey before their extermination about 1920, are the only Lobo Wolves in the world. They once roamed the Rocky Mountains and plains, killing buffalo and cattle."

The number 81914 is printed on the back of the postcard in the bottom center. "Natural Color Card Published by Modern-Ad, Butler, Pa." is written along the center of the back of the postcard. Also printed on the back are a flying goose silhouette and a K within a diamond shape.

This photo was probably taken between 1949 (when Modern-Ad was established) and 1956 (the postmark date of another postcard seemingly in the same series). The photographer was probably Richard C. Miller - the owner of Modern-Ad and the photographer credited for other postcards seemingly in the same series.


This item is from the personal collection of Kirsten Canfield.


Probably between 1949 and 1956