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This book describes the author's experiences visiting the lobo wolves as a child and how their presence in her town affected her life. The author mentions that Dr. McCleery was initially a wolf bounty hunter, and also mentions that she called Jack Lynch to learn about the wolves' current status and…
Date: 2008

This excerpt describes the "Lobo Wolf Pens" where visitors can see the dangerous, untamable, and often cannibalistic lobo wolves. The park is open daily and admission is 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children.
Date: December 1940

This excerpt describes the "Chico Wolf" which was killed by a vehicle near Yellowstone National Park (and near Jack Lynch's wolf preserve) in 1988. It was suspected that the wolf had escaped from Jack's preserve, but Jack denied this, and the wolf did not have any of the identification tattoos…
Date: 2008

This excerpt describes Raven Bear (a member of the Crow Nation) and his grandson's visit to the wolf park on the Olympic peninsula, where the remnants of the Great Plains wolf "Canis lupus nubilus" were said to be kept. Raven Bear says that the wolves were in small pens and looked like they were…
Date: 1978

This is an alumni catalog for the Jefferson Medical College. It provides a brief description of each graduate's current work and location as of 1917.

Dr. Edward H. McCleery of the class of 1891, currently a physician in Kane, PA, is listed on page 148. His brief biography is quoted below as it is…
Date: 1917

This excerpt covers the section of the book called "The Wolf." It contains two photos - one credited to "E. H. McCleery" and captioned "Wolves, seldom seen now, once ranged over many parts of North America." The other is credited to "Leonard K. Beyer" and is captioned "A captive wolf." Presumably,…
Date: 1986

This excerpt describes the birth, marriage, and death (where available) dates of Mary Nourse Byham, her husband Dr. E. H. McCleery (the name is misspelled as "McCleary" in the book), and their three children. Dr. McCleery's birth date is incorrectly given as Jan. 26, 1867 - his actual birth date is…
Date: 1925

This excerpt describes two visits by the authors to Dr. McCleery's wolf park, probably in the 1940s.
Date: 1950