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This article reports on the deplorable conditions of "Lobo Land," run by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch, who purportedly have seven subspecies of wolves at the park including the last of the plains wolf. Dr. Eaton reports that during his visit to Lobo Land on August 17, 1973 he was unattended and observed…
Date: February 1974

This article reports that Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch run a 40-acre wolf preserve on Washington's Olympic Peninsula where lobo wolves are kept in 40-by-80-foot pens in the woods. The history of the lobo wolf and the park are described, as is the move to Washington, during which 20 wolves were flown to…
Date: June 24, 1972

This article describes the lobo wolf, the war against it by the United States and Canada, its former range, the origin of its name, quotes Stanley P. Young's book, etc. My copy of this article is cut off, so I will finish the description when I view the item again.
Date: February 20, 1962

This excerpt describes two visits by the authors to Dr. McCleery's wolf park, probably in the 1940s.
Date: 1950