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Carolyn-Hedlund-The Wolf- A Man's Hobby by Volney F. Dunbar.pdf
This book by Volney F. Dunbar, who was an employee at Dr. E. H. McCleery's wolf farm, answers questions from visitors and was written with permission from Dr. McCleery.

The book addresses the care of the wolves, their history, their habits, details of how the park is run, and provides anecdotes…
Date: 1932

John Carl Erickson-resized.jpg
This photograph depicts John Carl Erickson holding a dead wolf from Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park. The wolf had been shot at Dr. McCleery's request by Allen "Al" Fitch (a relative of John Carl Erickson). Another dead wolf is lying on the ground.
Date: Probably 1947

Allen and Lawrence Fitch-resized.jpg
This photograph depicts Allen A. Fitch (left) and his father Lawrence Burlingame Fitch (right) carrying a dead wolf from Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park. The wolf had been sick and was shot at Dr. McCleery's request by Allen Fitch. This photo was printed on Kodak postcard paper.
Date: 1947

This photograph depicts three men with a dead wolf (one of the wolves from Dr. McCleery's wolf park between Gap and Coatesville, Pennsylvania after its closure), a bottle of whiskey, and a gun. The man on the left holding the gun is George Stern, one of the keepers at the wolf park. The man in the…
Date: 1931

This photograph depicts a man with a dead wolf (one of the wolves from Dr. McCleery's wolf park between Gap and Coatesville, Pennsylvania after its closure) slung over his shoulders. The man's hat is on the ground.
Date: 1931

This photograph depicts a man with a cigarette in his mouth holding a dead wolf (one of the wolves from Dr. McCleery's wolf park between Gap and Coatesville, Pennsylvania after its closure), with a bottle of whiskey and a gun propped up against the wolf.
Date: 1931

This article reports that Jack Lynch is moving his wolf pack from Route 6 near Kane, PA to Gardiner, WA. The move was caused by difficulty in obtaining food for the 53 wolves (which eat three steers a week) and I-80 rerouting tourist traffic away from the park. Jack fears he will no longer get the…
Date: February 13, 1972

This article reports that in February, Jack Lynch will move the wolves to a site near the Olympic National Park in Washington. He had been considering a move for the past few years because planned highway changes will diminish tourism potential, and meat for the wolves has been difficult to obtain.…
Date: January 17, 1972

This humorous article describes Dr. E. H. McCleery's hobby of raising a pack of lobo wolves, the history of the wolf pack (Dr. McCleery first became interested in wolves on a big game hunt before 1900 with the late J. P. Morgan), the psychology of the wolves, the culling of the wolf pack (Dr.…
Date: February/March 1950

This article reports on the deplorable conditions of "Lobo Land," run by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch, who purportedly have seven subspecies of wolves at the park including the last of the plains wolf. Dr. Eaton reports that during his visit to Lobo Land on August 17, 1973 he was unattended and observed…
Date: February 1974

This article profiles Jack Lynch (54 years old), the keeper of the last of the lobo wolves, of which he currently owns 72. He has an additional 26 wolves of five other subspecies. Lynch describes the lobo subspecies as Canis lupus nubilus, whose historic range overlapped with Canis lupus irremotus,…
Date: November 5, 1979

This article describes how Dr. E. H. McCleery became interested in wolves, beginning with an account of Theodore Roosevelt's speech to the Princeton Gun Club (of which McCleery was president) which inspired him to travel to the Yukon where he encountered his first wild wolf. Since then, the United…
Date: March 1958

This article describes Dr. E. H. McCleery's intended response to James Curran's challenge that if anyone can prove that a wolf ever attacked a human, Curran would give them $100 (roughly $1,500 in 2013). Dr. McCleery read about the challenge in the November 19, 1931 issue of the New York Sun and…
Date: November 25, 1931

This article reports that Ansel Nelson (service station owner at East Kane) has been hired to kill some of Dr. McCleery's wolves as part of the pack's maintenance. Partial text of the article (everything relevant to Dr. McCleery) is quoted below.
Date: January 10, 1931

This article continues the debate between Dr. McCleery and James Curran regarding the ferocity of wolves or lack thereof. A comparison of the size, weight, and ferocity of the various subspecies of wolves (including lobo wolves, Canadian wolves, and Alaskan wolves) is provided. At the time of…
Date: February 7, 1934

This document appears to have been written by Dr. McCleery, in which he describes himself and his work with wolves. I am uncertain of the circumstances under which this document was created. My best guess is that it may have been written for the benefit of the Kane Republican because it was in a box…
Date: May 1949

This book by Dr. E. H. McCleery describes the different subspecies of wolves, the psychology of his wolves, and provides anecdotes of the pack. It completely covers the time at the Kane wolf park, and a short amount of time at the Route 6 wolf park. The poem on the last page was written by the Kane…
Date: 1929