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Carolyn-Hedlund-The Wolf- A Man's Hobby by Volney F. Dunbar.pdf
This book by Volney F. Dunbar, who was an employee at Dr. E. H. McCleery's wolf farm, answers questions from visitors and was written with permission from Dr. McCleery.

The book addresses the care of the wolves, their history, their habits, details of how the park is run, and provides anecdotes…
Date: 1932

A memory submitted by Richard Sams, who lived in Dr. McCleery's old house along Route 6 between 1968 and 1972. He has fond memories of Rose Carroll, who lived next door.
Date: December 9, 2014

This photograph depicts two wolves standing on a metal "den" in the snow at Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located along Route 6 five miles east of Kane, PA. One of the wolves is howling. The uncropped version of this photograph is included in the scrapbook of Earl C. Jones. The cropped version of…
Date: Between 1929 and 1949

This photograph depicts two wolves near a den made of large rocks with a dish near the entrance at the lobo wolf park. One of the wolves is howling.

This photograph was taken between 1921 (when Dr. McCleery obtained his first wolf) and 1972 (when Jack Lynch moved the wolf park to Gardiner, WA).
Date: Between 1921 and 1972

This is a silent 8mm film of Dr. McCleery's lobo wolves filmed by John and Virginia Darnley who lived in Heidelberg, PA. The film shows several of the wolves in their pens howling, pacing, and scratching. The year range 1941-1942 was written on the film reel.
Date: Between 1941 and 1942

This article describes Dr. McCleery's pack of the last of the lobo wolves, of which he usually maintains about 60. An anecdote is given of Dr. McCleery's interaction with wolves about 30 years previous. He was traveling the West and observed a pair of wolf pups devour animal bones without…
Date: August 1939

This article profiles Jack Lynch, a man in his early 40s, and his work to ensure that the last of the "lobo" or "buffalo" wolves - Canis lupus nubilus - does not become extinct. Zoologists claim that Lynch's wolves are not a separate species, and that "lobo" is simply a colloquial Spanish term for…
Date: January 15, 1966

Letter from Emerson Carney (Manager of the West Virginia University Book Store in Morgantown, WV) to Dr. E. H. McCleery. Carney expresses fascination with the wolves, praises Dr. McCleery for the work he has done, and states that he expects to return to see the wolves again the following summer with…
Date: December 29, 1932

This article reports that Dr. McCleery's wolves seem to howl more often in the winter than during other seasons. Partial text of the article (everything relevant to Dr. McCleery) is quoted below.
Date: January 13, 1931

This book by Dr. E. H. McCleery describes the different subspecies of wolves, the psychology of his wolves, and provides anecdotes of the pack. It completely covers the time at the Kane wolf park, and a short amount of time at the Route 6 wolf park. The poem on the last page was written by the Kane…
Date: 1929