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A wolf head taxidermy of Dr. McCleery's wolf named Achilles. This taxidermy is on display at the Kane Area High School in Kane, PA. Achilles was donated to the Kane Area High School by the Jones family. The case and plaque were donated by the class of 2007. A transcription of the plaque can be found…
Date: 1954

This book by Dr. E. H. McCleery describes the different subspecies of wolves, the psychology of his wolves, and provides anecdotes of the pack. It completely covers the time at the Kane wolf park, and a short amount of time at the Route 6 wolf park. The poem on the last page was written by the Kane…
Date: 1929

Affidavit of Robert Jones, who claims he witnessed a male lobo wolf named Achilles attacking Dr. McCleery, and that Achilles lacerated Jones’s hand. Jones also claims that on another occasion, he witnessed a lobo and a white arctic wolf attacking Dr. McCleery who struck them with a two by four to…
Date: January 21, 1932

This article continues the debate between Dr. McCleery and James Curran regarding the ferocity of wolves or lack thereof. A comparison of the size, weight, and ferocity of the various subspecies of wolves (including lobo wolves, Canadian wolves, and Alaskan wolves) is provided. At the time of…
Date: February 7, 1934

I believe this picture depicts the first Achilles; Dr. McCleery was fond of the name, and also had wolves named Achilles Jr., Achilles III, and Achilles IV. Several early postcards exist depicting Dr. McCleery's original wolves, and I believe this is one of them. Dr. McCleery obtained Achilles in…
Date: Between 1921 and 1926