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An interview with Rob Paul who worked for Jack Lynch for two summers in the mid-1960s.
Date: July 13, 2014

This photograph depicts a dark orange wolf standing in the snow at Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located along Route 6 five miles east of Kane, PA. Jack Lynch identified this wolf as Saber in George N. Ostrom's scrapbook. This is a postcard. The caption on the back of the card reads, "CANIS LUPUS…
Date: Probably between 1949 and 1956

04 Chapter - Wolves1  OFam.pdf
This book chapter is a preliminary chapter for the Ostrom family scrapbook compiled by Judy Slack for her book titled "George N. Ostrom: Pioneer, Preservationist, Painter. 1888-1982." (the final published version of this chapter is much shorter).

This chapter describes George N. Ostrom's work as…
Date: 2013

This article reports that Jack Lynch is moving his wolf pack from Route 6 near Kane, PA to Gardiner, WA. The move was caused by difficulty in obtaining food for the 53 wolves (which eat three steers a week) and I-80 rerouting tourist traffic away from the park. Jack fears he will no longer get the…
Date: February 13, 1972

This article profiles Jack Lynch, a man in his early 40s, and his work to ensure that the last of the "lobo" or "buffalo" wolves - Canis lupus nubilus - does not become extinct. Zoologists claim that Lynch's wolves are not a separate species, and that "lobo" is simply a colloquial Spanish term for…
Date: January 15, 1966

This article profiles Jack Lynch (65 years old) and his wife Mary (57 years old) and their work with wolves, of which they currently own 85. Most of them are buffalo wolves, of which Lynch has nurtured three generations over the past 27 years. The Lynches also have nine dogs, nine cats, eight goats,…
Date: June 27, 1988

This article profiles Jack Lynch (54 years old), the keeper of the last of the lobo wolves, of which he currently owns 72. He has an additional 26 wolves of five other subspecies. Lynch describes the lobo subspecies as Canis lupus nubilus, whose historic range overlapped with Canis lupus irremotus,…
Date: November 5, 1979