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This poem was inspired by Lobo Land in Gardiner, WA and incorporates a description of the wolves as the author perceived them.
Date: 1977

This excerpt describes Raven Bear (a member of the Crow Nation) and his grandson's visit to the wolf park on the Olympic peninsula, where the remnants of the Great Plains wolf "Canis lupus nubilus" were said to be kept. Raven Bear says that the wolves were in small pens and looked like they were…
Date: 1978

This article reports on the deplorable conditions of "Lobo Land," run by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch, who purportedly have seven subspecies of wolves at the park including the last of the plains wolf. Dr. Eaton reports that during his visit to Lobo Land on August 17, 1973 he was unattended and observed…
Date: February 1974

This article reports that Jack Lynch has moved the wolf park from Gardiner, WA to Livingston, MT. Lynch stopped soliciting visitors to "Loboland" a couple of years ago, having never gotten many in the first place, and that an "adopt a wolf" program was started to help fund the wolves. The Gardiner…
Date: September 10, 1981