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This article describes the controversy over the identity of a pack of animals first seen in 1937. Two were captured by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and sent to the Harrisburg Zoo where they were classified as coyotes. Dr. E. H. McCleery identified the one he inspected (which weighed 40 pounds)…
Date: February 20, 1962

This article describes how Dr. E. H. McCleery became interested in wolves, beginning with an account of Theodore Roosevelt's speech to the Princeton Gun Club (of which McCleery was president) which inspired him to travel to the Yukon where he encountered his first wild wolf. Since then, the United…
Date: March 1958

This article reports that a wolf was killed last night in the streets of Erie, PA by City Detective Sandy Thadt. Partial text of the article is quoted below.
Date: December 5, 1931

This article reports Dr. E. H. McCleery's disbelief of a recent news dispatch that a hunter shot an arctic wolf near Camp Hill, PA. Dr. McCleery denies that any wolves have escaped from either of his parks and believes the animal to have been a timber wolf or police dog. The "wolf" reportedly…
Date: November 21, 1931

This article reports that Siruis Adams (whose name may be Sirius misspelled), a fur buyer in Mercer, PA, has purchased 9,684 pelts this year, including one wolf pelt. All the animals were shot in Western Pennsylvania. Partial text of the article is quoted below.
Date: October 26, 1931

In the past month, three sightings of an alleged pack of wolves have been reported. Those reporting the sightings express certainty that these are wolves and not dogs. Dr. McCleery claims that none of his wolves has ever made a permanent escape. This article mentions Dr. McCleery's wolf parks near…
Date: January 27, 1931