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This article describes the lobo wolf, the war against it by the United States and Canada, its former range, the origin of its name, quotes Stanley P. Young's book, etc. My copy of this article is cut off, so I will finish the description when I view the item again.
Date: February 20, 1962

The wolf sightings reported three days previous have been confirmed; a 40-pound timber wolf was shot near Albion by Albert Long. It is believed that the wolves crossed into Pennsylvania from Ontario via the ice on Lake Erie in search of food. This article offers an analysis of the situation by Dr.…
Date: January 30, 1931

This article continues the debate between Dr. McCleery and James Curran regarding the ferocity of wolves or lack thereof. A comparison of the size, weight, and ferocity of the various subspecies of wolves (including lobo wolves, Canadian wolves, and Alaskan wolves) is provided. At the time of…
Date: February 7, 1934

This document appears to have been written by Dr. McCleery, in which he describes himself and his work with wolves. I am uncertain of the circumstances under which this document was created. My best guess is that it may have been written for the benefit of the Kane Republican because it was in a box…
Date: May 1949

This book by Dr. E. H. McCleery describes the different subspecies of wolves, the psychology of his wolves, and provides anecdotes of the pack. It completely covers the time at the Kane wolf park, and a short amount of time at the Route 6 wolf park. The poem on the last page was written by the Kane…
Date: 1929

This documentary profiles Jack Lynch and Mary Wheeler and their work to breed and preserve the last of the buffalo wolves - Canis lupus nubilus - which were exterminated in the wild by 1931. The ancestors of their wolves came from the eastern part of Montana to the Dakota territory.

The Lynches'…
Date: 1987