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Letter from Harold M. Anderson to Graydon F. Smart


Letter from Harold M. Anderson of The Sun newspaper to Graydon F. Smart of the Kane Republican newspaper regarding the collection of affidavits pertaining to Dr. McCleery's wolves. Full text of the letter is quoted below.



January 22, 1932


This document is currently owned by the Kane Depot and is available for viewing.

Full Text

The Sun
Office of the Editor
New York
January 22, 1932.

Mr. Graydon F. Smart, City Editor,
The Kane Republican,
Kane, Pennsylvania.

Dear Mr. Smart:

I have somewhat expanded your summary of the affidavits, particularly to get in Dunbar's experience with the wolves that forgave him on his returning the pups; that is an incident all students of nature will treasure. When the proper time comes we may suggest to Mr. Curran--he is of Ontario, not Michigan--that the wolves of Canada are degenerate.

Yours truly,
Harold M. Anderson


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