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Bric-a-Brac 1885 [Princeton University Yearbook]


This yearbook mentions E. H. McCleery on page 22 with the listing, "Ed. H. McCleery, '88, C.E.," and lists his home address as "Milton, Pa.," and his room as "6 W. W. H." Page 45 reports that E. H. McCleery (class of 1888) was the Second Vice-President of the Princeton College Engineering Society and an active member of the society.

The line on page 22 mentioning E. H. McCleery is quoted below in Partial Text, and the full-text transcription of page 45 is quoted below in Full Text.




Page Numbers

22, 45


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Full Text

The Engineering Society.

Princeton College Engineering Society.


President, ----- W. B. Harris.
First Vice-President, --- F. O. Blackwell.
Second Vice-President, --- E. H. McCleery.
Recording Secretary, --- W. R. Blakemore.
Cor. Secretary and Librarian, - T. F. Bedle.
Treasurer, ---- F. W. Jackson, Jr,

Active Members.

W. R. Blakemore, C. D. Halsey, W. B. Harris, H. P. Toler, H. E. Vance, S. R. Wills, J. W. Woodrow.

T. F. Bedle, F. O. Blackwell, F. W. Jackson, Jr.

C. Hewitt, E. H. McCleery.

L. Smith, D. Thompson.

Associate Member.
F. J. King, '88.

Partial Text

Ed. H. McCleery, '88, C.E.,

Home Address.
Milton, Pa.,

6 W. W. H.