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Devotee Provides Haven for Wolves [Article in Madison Courier]


This article reports that Jack Lynch is opposed to plans for development near his wolf park (which is referred to as the "Pacific Wolf Preserve") because sewage and water lines would mean higher tax levies which Lynch cannot afford. He has tried to get fellow landowners to oppose the plans. Ironically, Lynch's early career was spent developing. His profession and life before the wolves are described.

In 1977, the loss of promised money from a private foundation for a 400-acre preserve was a serious setback for Lynch, costing him $30,000 out of pocket. His "Adopt-a-Wolf" program helps offset costs. Participants send $20 each month (which covers half of a wolf's food supply for a month) to the Dr. E. H. McCleery Lobo Wolf Foundation and can then visit the wolves without having to pay the normal $2 admission charge. Currently Lynch has 150 wolves. Their food comes in part from animals donated by farmers and road-killed deer.



December 7, 1978

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