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Seen From The Hilltop By a Casual Observer [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that Earl Coulter is erecting signs advertising the new McCleery Wolf Pack near Coatesville, PA. The signs will be put up in Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Western New Jersey. The article describes the signs - one of which depicts Little Red Riding Hood's encounter with the Wolf, and another which depicts a sled load of Russians being chased by wolves - and states that Myrtle Jarensky painted the signs.

Partial text of the article (everything relevant to Dr. McCleery) is quoted below.


May 3, 1930

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The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.

Partial Text

Earl Coulter, the well known sign painter and erector, started out of Kane yesterday with a huge truckload of signs, advertising the wolf pack of the McCleery Wolf Pack Incorporated, which opened today near Coatesville, Penna. In addition to forty or more signs, such as are seen on the highways hereabout calling attention to the local pack, the load contained two signs 10x30 which will be placed in front of the wolf park. This painting was done by Mrs. Myrtle Jarensky, local artist, and a copy of a well known print which was popular twenty years ago, depicting a sledload of Russians driving three galloping horses and endeavoring to elude a fast on-coming wolf pack. A woman with an infant in her arms is driving the horses while a man is busy picking off the pursuing wolves with a rifle. In addition to this sign were two huge signs, painted by Mrs. Jarensky, Little Red Riding Hood's encounter with the Wolf. The latter signs are to be placed within a few miles approach of the park. Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Western New Jersey will be posted with the wolf park signs.