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Long Planned... "But Too Soon," Lobo Wolves Move No Shocker [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that Kane Mayor Edgar James has commented on Jack Lynch's plans to move the lobo wolves to the west coast. Though plans to move the wolves have been reported almost since Lynch bought the park from Dr. McCleery, James regrets that it is happening and describes the necessity of the new and changing highways, which presumably is a reason for the move. Lynch announces that artificial insemination has solved the reproduction problems in the pack, but finding food for the 51 wolves remains a major problem.

I believe this is an article from the Kane Republican, but I am not completely sure. It was in a box at the Kane Depot with a date but not a source. I need to confirm the source and the page numbers and then I will add the partial text.


January 18, 1972


The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.