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The Gray Wolf of South Dakota [Book]


This book is by Bud Dalrymple, a South Dakota wolfer employed by the U.S. Government who obtained at least one wolf for Dr. E. H. McCleery. His book describes his wolf hunting techniques and provides anecdotes. A foreword by Ben P. R. Roose (which mentions the wolf "Bruno" who eventually came to be in Dr. McCleery's care) and a preface by Henry W. Shoemaker are included.

The foreword is quoted below.






The full text of this item is accessible via the South Dakota State University.

Partial Text


While looking through an antique family trunk that had been lost for sixty years, I found a photograph negative file belonging to United States Government Hunter Bud Dalrymple.

Mr. Dalrymple was a predatory animal inspector for the old Biographical Survey, (a branch of the U. S. Department of Agriculture) in Scenic, South Dakota, the heart of the Badlands.

During a hunting trip to the hills of Wyoming Bud found a three month old gray wolf pup and named him Bruno. The following story is about the travels and unique work of Bud Dalrymple, "The Gray Wolf of South Dakota", his wife and "Side-Partner" Nora, and their pet wolf, Bruno.

Ben P. R. Roose
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