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George N. Ostrom: Pioneer, Preservationist, Painter. 1888-1982. [Chapter 4: Wolves] [Scrapbook Chapter]


This book chapter is a preliminary chapter for the Ostrom family scrapbook compiled by Judy Slack for her book titled "George N. Ostrom: Pioneer, Preservationist, Painter. 1888-1982." (the final published version of this chapter is much shorter).

This chapter describes George N. Ostrom's work as a wolf hunter for the United States Biological Survey between 1919 and 1929, and later as a wolf advocate. He worked under Harry Williams (also known as H. P. Williams or "High Power" Williams), the wolfer who killed the Custer Wolf. In his later years, George N. Ostrom corresponded with the Dr. E. H. McCleery Lobo Wolf Foundation. This scrapbook chapter includes news stories and clippings; photos of wolf hunters, the wolves/coyotes they shot or kept as pets, and the Lynches' wolves; stories written by George N. Ostrom about hunting the Wolf Mountain and Black Thunder wolves; and letters sent to and from Charles Bayer, George N. Ostrom, and Jack Lynch.

The unsigned letter on pages 46-47 was written by George N. Ostrom (this was confirmed for me by George Ostrom Jr.).


Scans provided courtesy of the George Ostrom collection, THE Wyoming Room - Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library (with additional permission granted by George Ostrom Jr.). Permission to use these scans for any purpose must be requested through THE Wyoming Room, Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library.

Judy Slack, Wyoming Room Librarian, has published a book about George Ostrom which includes information derived from the artifacts in this scrapbook. To purchase a copy, Judy may be contacted at:

Email: jslack@wyoming.com
Phone: 307-751-4908

The book costs $30.00 plus $1.80 tax plus $4 shipping for a total of $35.80, which is payable by check made out to "Big Horn City Historical Society" and sent to: PO BOX 566, Big Horn, WY 82833