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Lady Silver, Full-Blooded Wolf in "Brawn of the North" [Photograph]


This photograph depicts Lady Silver, the wolf in the 1922 silent film "Brawn of the North." The 1926 Kane High School Yearbook (the Hurri-Kane) claimed that this wolf was from Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf pack, but she was probably never owned by Dr. McCleery; she was, however, related to some of the wolves in Dr. McCleery's wolf pack. Her parents were Old Snowdrift and Lady Snowdrift.

The caption on the back of this photo reads, "Lady Silver, a full blooded wolf, caught by the motion picture camera for a "love scene" in the Laurence Trimble-Jane Murfin production, "Brawn of the North", starring the famous police dog, "Strongheart", opposite whom Miss Silver appears. "Brawn of the North" is a First National attraction.
From - Publicity Department
Associated First National Pictures Inc.
6 West 48th Street - New York City."


This item is from the personal collection of Kirsten Canfield.



November 25, 1922