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Interview with Rob Paul


An interview with Rob Paul who worked for Jack Lynch for two summers in the mid-1960s.


Rob Paul


Kirsten Canfield


July 13, 2014



Did you volunteer at the park or were you paid?

I was paid, my Dad and Jack were good friends so it was my summer job before I turned 16.

What years did you work there?

2 summers in the mid 60's.

How old were you at the time?


What were your duties?

Anything that Jack needed -- Clean the park -- Give tours -- but my first job every morning was to cover the pit. We fed the wolves beef from farmers and deer that were killed on the road. The pit was where we threw the parts of the animals that were not given to the wolves. Jack butchered every deer and cow and would only give the wolves the best. So I covered the parts with dirt using a "shovel." Any part of the pit that was uncovered and would smell and drive away the tourists, it was not a fun job.

Do you remember any other volunteers or employees at the park?

No my dad helped some but Jack and Marg did everything.

How much did admission cost?

I think $1.50 for an adult and $.75 for kids, little kids free.

What was your impression of the Lynches? What were they like?

They were great people -- distant at times but their life was the wolves. They didn't socialize much, my dad was a pilot so was Jack so Jack and Dad would spend a lot of time taking about flying.

How did you come to work at the wolf park? What made you want to work there initially?

My Dad. I just wanted to work, the tours were fun but the pit wasn't.

Did they sell items (postcards, etc) at the park? If so, what did they sell?

The only thing that I remember was post cards that were sold for a $.05 a piece. I think that there was an information pamphlet that was given out.

What did the Lynches do with wolves that died?

I don't remember.

How did you feel when the wolves left Kane?

It was sad because the Wolf is the Kane mascot and I played sports. But when they moved I was in college and my family had moved out of Kane so I don't know the full effect.

Did you keep in touch with the Lynches when they left?

No I went to college in NC. All I knew was that they had moved.

Did you hear anything about what became of the wolves after they left?

Only that they moved to Washington and then later to Idaho, I did not know that they are now in Montana.

Did Lynch keep other animals besides wolves that you remember?

He had a coyote or two, mountain lion that hated me, he scared the crap out me every time the tour group would approach his pen. They also got an African lion, my dad helped build the cage, Jack tried everything to bring in more tourists.

Did Jack obtain the African lion during the time you were working at the park, or before? 

At the same time.

What were some of the things you said when giving tours?

The history of the wolves, they were buffalo wolves so as the buffalo were killed their food supply was reduced. I talked about the Dr's fight to save the species. Then I talked about the wolves -- they mate in pairs and for life -- they only ate once a week, Sundays at 3, that was a big attraction, they all came alive -- howl and become very active. Jack was the only one that ever was in the pens and did all the feeding.

Do you remember any of the wolves' names?

Sabre a 200 pound male the largest of all the wolves and had buck teeth. I remember the name Lupi but I don't remember anything about the wolf.

It is interesting that you described Sabre as having buck teeth. Would you be able to confirm if any of the following photos are of Sabre? (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Link 4)

The first one for sure, I am not sure about the others.

Did you have a favorite wolf?


Marjorie Lynch wanted to write a book called "Love Me, Love My Lobos." Did you hear anything about that?

I remember her talking about it but I never knew if she wrote it.

Do you remember if Marjorie Lynch had a scar on her face? If so, do you know how she got it?

Yes she did, they were raising husky pups treating them like they were their kids, these pups had more wolf in them than dog and as they grew the wild and unpredictability started coming out. One day one attacked Marg and Jack shot the dog off Marg, it was a sad day because it was one of their kids. Jack always carried a pistol, he knew that he was dealing with wild animals.

Slight correction, the dog that attacked Marg was a Malamute not a husky.

Do you remember what the scar on Marjorie's face looked like, or where on her face it was located?

Sorry I don't really remember.

You mentioned that you played sports for the Kane Wolves. Do you remember Jack Lynch bringing a mascot animal to the games?

That was the malamute that turned on Marg.