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And a Little Bird Told Me [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that an article about Dr. McCleery's wolves was published in the current American Magazine issue. It was written by Graydon F. Smart of the Kane Republican and includes photos taken by Nicolas. Partial text of the article (everything relevant to Dr. McCleery) is quoted below.


January 23, 1931

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The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.

Partial Text

That an article on the McCleery wolves appeared in this month's American Magazine and was written by Graydon F. Smart, of The Republican staff... the story will go a long way toward putting Kane on the map as to attracting tourists... the article appears on rotagravure paper and the photos of Dr. McCleery, by Nicolas, playing with the wolf pups and being caressed by one of the grown-ups, are most excellent... the latter picture is shown in a full page advertisement which The American is using in daily papers in the leading cities.