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Roving Pack of 'Wolves' Seen in DuBois Area, Deny Report That They Escaped From Kane Park, Farmers Are Terrorized [Article in Kane Republican]


In the past month, three sightings of an alleged pack of wolves have been reported. Those reporting the sightings express certainty that these are wolves and not dogs. Dr. McCleery claims that none of his wolves has ever made a permanent escape. This article mentions Dr. McCleery's wolf parks near Kane and in Coatesville, and states that the two parks combined contain more than 100 wolves. Partial text of the article is quoted below.


January 27, 1931

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The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.

Partial Text

Denying reports that wolves from his famous park here had formed a roving pack in the vicinity of DuBois and Punxsutawney, Dr. E. H. McCleery today claimed that not one of his animals had ever made a permanent escape.

Dr. McCleery maintains parks here and at Coatesville, Pa., where the animals are bred. Farmers in Jefferson and Clearfield counties recently were terrorized by four large animals which they claim are members of a pack of wolves.

More than 100 of the animals are maintained at the McCleery farms.

Three times in the past month the wolf pack has been reported, and while the animals were spotted in a different location each time, their number and description tallies in each of the three instances and those who declare they saw the animals, also declare that they are acquainted with wolves through having seen them in zoos, and that they are satisfied they were not looking at dogs, but at real wolves.