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First White Arctic Wolf Cubs Ever Raised In Captivity Thriving at McCleery Park [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that five arctic wolf pups were born at the McCleery wolf park on April 3. The mother killed one of the pups but allowed the other four to live. These four pups are expected to survive, and constitute the first litter of white arctic wolves to survive in captivity. Partial text of the article is quoted below.


May 1, 1931

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The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.

Partial Text

The mother wolf, always before, has eaten the cubs when they are bred in captivity. She had eaten the hind quarters of the cub she killed when, according to Dr. E. H. McCleery owner of the pack and noted wolf authority, "She evidently realized the horror of her cannibalistic deed, and forgot the instinct which prompts White Arctics to slay the young that are born in bondage."

Keepers at the park the other day took the litter from the old female and Dr. McCleery is now certain that they are past the critical stage and will survive.