Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Memory Prompts

Not sure how to start writing your memories? Here are a few sample questions and prompts to help you out, if you wish to use them!

For visitors:

  • Where were the wolves when you visited? (Kane PA, outside of Kane along Route 6, Coatesville PA, Gardiner WA, Emigrant MT, or Bridger MT)
  • How did you first hear about the wolves? Did you read about them, see them in the moving pictures, see a road sign, hear about them from a friend, see them in a travel brochure, etc?
  • When did you visit? Can you remember the year, month, or season?
  • What sorts of signs for the wolves did you see along the roads?
  • How much did admission cost?
  • What was the setup of the park? What stands out in your mind?
  • Did you purchase anything while at the park? Were you given any materials - pamphlets, brochures, etc?
  • Who gave you a tour? Or was it self-guided?
  • Do you remember any factoids said during the speech given on your tour?
  • What did you learn about wolves?
  • Did your perception of wolves change after visiting the park?
  • Were there other animals at the park besides wolves?
  • Did you take photos?
  • How many pens were there? How many wolves? Were there signs on the pens (number plates, signs telling the different types of wolves, etc)?
  • How many times did you visit?
  • What was your general perception of the park and its employees?

For locals:

  • How did the wolves affect your life?
  • How often did you visit the wolves?
  • Did you or anyone you know work at the wolf park?
  • Did you know the park owner(s) well? How did they affect your life?
  • What was your perception of Dr. McCleery and/or the Lynches?
  • How did you feel when the wolves left your area?
  • Have you heard anything about the wolves since they left the area?
  • Do you have photos, documents, etc you would like to share?

Location-specific questions:

  • Have you heard of Dr. McCleery's wolf park near Coatesville? Do you know when and why it closed?
  • If you visited the Route 6 park (between Kane and Mt. Jewett PA), was there a tea room when you visited?
  • If you visited the Gardiner, WA park, what was it called? Lobo Land, the Pacific Wolf Preserve, etc?