He Loves Wolves [Article in Alaska Sportsman]


This article describes how Dr. E. H. McCleery became interested in wolves and how he began his wolf pack. The article mentions Dr. McCleery's wolf-feeding practices and his highly successful taming program. At almost 90 years old, Dr. McCleery is greatly concerned with the future of his wolves, but will not entrust them to a zoo. An assistant named Elmer is mentioned. When the article was written, Dr. McCleery had 18 wolves.

This article also appeared in the Autumn 1960 issue of The Beaver, the only differences being Dr. McCleery's cited age and the photos. The Alaska Sportsman article includes photographs of a wolf looking at the viewer with its tongue out, Dr. McCleery with a wolf, a wolf in a pen inspecting a piece of meat, and (in the next article, on page 41, which is about wolves and dogs) a headshot of one of Dr. McCleery's wolves. The photos were taken by the author.



October 1960





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