New Owners Will Keep Wolves In Present Location [Article in Kane Republican: Special Edition]


This article reports that Jack and Marjorie Lynch, the young and enthusiastic new owners of the wolf park, plan to keep the wolves at their present location and will continue using the "McCleery Wolf Farm" name. They believe the wolves would have done well as an attraction back in Wisconsin, and also considered moving the wolves closer to the Kinzua Dam where traffic is heavier, but have ultimately decided to keep the wolves in their natural home.

Jack Lynch used to be a structural steel engineer and Marjorie Lynch used to study at the Hollywood Playhouse. They have both worked with malamute kennels and own a large 10-year-old male malamute named Kim, a show-winner who has appeared in the news and in TV pictures.

Among their plans for the park are new walk areas and improvements to the fenced areas containing the wolves. Jack Lynch has begun making video and sound recordings of the wolves for educational purposes. The couple learned about Dr. McCleery's work through magazine articles and first visited the park more than a year ago. They have been getting acquainted with the wolves for the past five months and are achieving a mutual respect with them.


February 20, 1962

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Supplement: Special "Dr. McCleery-Wolves" Edition, Page 1, 3


This supplemental special edition is not available on microfilm. A copy is currently owned by the Kane Depot and is available for viewing there.