Lynch is Bringing Back the Buffalo Wolf [Article in Spokesman-Review]


This article reports that Jack Lynch (age 57) and Mary Wheeler (age 52) are moving the wolves in their care to a 160-acre lot which they have recently purchased in the Gallatin Range, Montana. One of Lynch's reasons for the move is that Montana is the wolves' natural range and they will lose characteristics of their subspecies if kept out of their natural home for too long. A remote location was chosen so as not to bother people or encourage visitors (public tours ceased two years ago).

Temporary chain-link holding pens are being built at the new location and 41 wolves have already been transported there with about twice as many still to come. Lynch hopes to complete the move before the winter. He and Mary plan to live in a cabin on the property.

Lynch voices his opposition to the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction proposal. He does not believe wild or captive wolves should be released unless in a fenced area of the park.



October 19, 1980

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