Saving Wolves a Lifetime Job [Article in Spokesman-Review]


This article describes Jack Lynch, his partner Mary Wheeler, and their work with wolves. At the time of writing, Lynch had 125 wolves representing six subspecies (72 of which are buffalo wolves). It reports that the buffalo wolves can reach up to 200 pounds and seven feet in length. Lynch has difficulties with the expense of purchasing meat for all the wolves so he also accepts roadkill and unwanted livestock.

The Adopt-a-Wolf program is described, through which people can send $25 each month to the E. H. McCleery Lobo Wolf Foundation. This program helps offset the yearly cost of $300 to feed and care for each wolf.

Lynch mentions a pending divorce settlement through which he is being forced to sell his property on the Olympic Peninsula. He hopes to find a new, secluded location for the wolves where he and Mary can focus on preserving the buffalo wolf, and to one day reintroduce the wolves to the wild.


December 13, 1979

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