Will Move Wolf Pack to Site on Mt. Jewett Road, Dr. McCleery Buys 25 Acres of Land, Is Six Miles From Kane [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that Dr. E. H. McCleery has purchased 25 acres of land from the Kane Estate. In the early spring, he will move his wolf pack to this new location along the Roosevelt Highway, midway between Kane and Mt. Jewett, in the hopes of attracting more tourists to help fund the project. Clearing and construction are underway at the park; ten wolf pens and a house for the keeper will be built.

At the time of writing, Dr. McCleery had 41 wolves. Over the summer he received four new wolves - two from Montana, one from Idaho, and one from Mexico.

There are currently 30 dead horses stored on ice at the park for the wolves, which were obtained by advertising for them in towns from 50 miles around. As the wolves grew their winter coats in early October they ate a horse every two days, but a horse usually lasts the pack four days.

An excerpt from the article is quoted below.


November 3, 1928

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The McCleery wolf pack, the only one in captivity in the world, will be moved from its present location on Park avenue to a point midway between Kane and Mt. Jewett on the Roosevelt highway, Dr. E. H. McCleary[sic], owner of the park, announced today following the purchase of 25 acres of land from the Kane estate.

Dr. McCleery is moving his wolf farm in order to attract more tourist trade, he stated. Recently he began to charge admission to the park in order to defray some of the expenses of keeping the animals, and the position on the highway will attract more of the tourist trade, the physician believes.

The owner of the wolf pack has received numerous offers from other cities, which were desirous of gaining the advertising values of the wolves, but he decided to keep them in Kane.

There are now 41 wolves in the pack. Their removal to the new park will be made early in the Spring, it was stated.