Dr. M'Cleery Makes Futile Efforts to Buy Land for Pack [Article in Kane Republican]


This article describes Dr. E. H. McCleery's frustration with trying to find a new location for his wolf park. Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Asheville, NC are attempting to persuade Dr. McCleery to move his park there, but he would prefer to keep the wolves in Kane. He expresses his indignation at land prices he has been quoted, believing the Kane residents should be more supportive considering the tourism value of the wolf park, which brought over 15,000 visitors from out of town over the summer.

At the time of writing, Dr. McCleery had 22 wolves. The wolf park is financed through admission fees and sale of wolf pups.

An excerpt from the article is quoted below.


September 12, 1928

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The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.

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The local physician stated today that all summer he has been attempting to buy land near one of the improved roads, where he believed more visitors would visit the place. However, either the land was not for sale or the prices quoted were exorbitant, according to Dr. McCleery.

If nothing develops soon Dr. McCleery is determined to move the wolves to another city. He feels that the wolf farm, which is one of the biggest attractions in this section of the state, is deserving of support and consideration from residents here, and showed indigation[sic] over some of the prices quoted for land necessary for the park.

The doctor stated that three cities have made overtures for the McCleery wolf farm. Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Asheville, N. C., all realizing the great value of the attraction, are attempting to persuade Dr. McCleery to move his wolves to one of those cities. Two gun clubs in Pittsburgh have requested Dr. McCleery to lecture there and stated that they would assist him in every way possible if he will bring his animals to that city. The Buffalo Times has had a representative here in an effort to persuade the doctor to take his wolves to the Bison city. They also have offered him special inducements. The Asheville Chamber of Commerce has offered Dr. McCleery a site for his farm if he will bring it there.