Dr. Edward Heber McCleery [Jefferson Medical College Alumni Association Card]


This is Dr. Edward Heber McCleery's Jefferson Medical College Alumni Association card file, a double-sided card with biographical information and an attached obituary (cited as Erie, PA News, May 24, 1962). A handwritten note indicates that Dr. McCleery died May 23, 1962.

Some of the information is typed and some is hand-written, so it is difficult to ascertain which information was supplied when and by whom. The date February 11, 1946 is written in a corner and I assume that most of the information on the card was supplied then. At that time, Dr. McCleery states that he is retired, married to Mary N. Byham, and has one child - Helen Catherine - born on September 10, 1923. Dr. McCleery's birth date and place are mistakenly listed in the fields for his father's birth date and place.

He was in the class of 1891 at Jefferson Medical College. It is also indicated that he attended Princeton University for three years and did not earn a degree there. On August 22, 1949 it was recorded that Dr. McCleery made a $10 contribution to the Jefferson College Annual Giving fund.

Quoted below is a transcription of the card.


February 11, 1946


This item is owned by the Jefferson Medical College University Archives. The University Archives mailed me a photocopy when I made an inquiry using this form.

Partial Text


Name: McCLEERY, Edward Heber
Class: 1891
Specialty: None

Residence: Kane, Pa RD #1
Telephone: 6052 R2
Office: (RETIRED)

Degrees: None (Attended 3 years)
Name of University: Princeton University

Died: 5/23/62

Military Service: None

Married: Yes
Name of Wife: Mary N. Byham
Number of Children: 1
Names: Helen Catherine
Date of Birth: 9-10-23
Name of Father: John McCleery
Date of Birth: 7-23-67
Place: Milton, Pa.
Name of Mother: Mary McCleery

Contributions to Jefferson College - Hospital
Name of Fund: Annual Giving
Amount: $10
Date: 8/22/49