Saving Wolves in Danger [Article in National Geographic World]


This article, written for children, profiles Jack Lynch who cares for a pack of 80 of the last of the lobo (or buffalo) wolves, which are larger than most wolves. Lynch first read about the wolves in 1961 and purchased them from the aging Dr. E. H. McCleery who had saved the original 25 lobo wolves and kept them on a farm in Pennsylvania. The wolves now live in pens which Lynch built, and Lynch does not attempt to make pets of them. He struggles to find the two tons of food the wolves require every week, and feeds them horses and cows which have died of old age, and roadkill deer. Lynch hopes to someday return the wolves to the wild. The article encourages individuals and school classes who are interesting in adopting a wolf to write to:

Jack Lynch
Route 2
Box 378
Sequim, Washington 98382

On the contents page of the magazine, Kurt E. Smith is credited for the photographs in this article. The article contains photos of a wolf pup, Lynch with the 5-year-old wolf Lumox, Lynch checking the gums of a wolf pup, and three young visitors to the park - Lea Nebel (16), Holly Gloor (10), Doug Nebel (14) and Mark Nebel (13) - holding a wolf pup.



April 1980



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