Hurri-Kane 1926 [Kane High School Yearbook]


This yearbook's theme of the wolf was inspired by Dr. E. H. McCleery's local wolf pack in Kane, PA. The yearbook contains a writeup on page 10 about Dr. McCleery's wolf park which describes Dr. McCleery's notoriety, the setup of the park, and the wolves and their origin. It mentions that an "Englishman of noble rank" purchased a wolf from Dr. McCleery's pack who became the famous "Lady Helen," that the female wolf in Brawn of the North is from Dr. McCleery's pack, and that he has sold many wolves to the Pittsburgh zoo.

Page 204 features a poem about the wolves written by the graduating class. Part of this poem is quoted in Dr. McCleery's book "The Lone Killer."

Many photos of the wolves are included throughout the book.







The Kane Area High School library owns copies of the old yearbooks.