Famed McCleery Wolves Sold to Milwaukee Couple, Negotiating for Present Park to Keep Wolves a Local Area Attraction [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that Dr. E. H. McCleery has sold his wolf pack to Jack and Marjorie Lynch. The Lynches became interested in the wolves a little over a year ago through magazines and first visited the park during a 1960 Thanksgiving vacation trip. Dr. McCleery chose them over many other prospective buyers due to their interest and ambition. They have been residing at the park for the past few months. Jack is getting acquainted with the wolves and can go into the pens now, but he and the wolves are still wary of each other.

Attorney Lawrence Woods is handling the sale; the wolves have already been sold and negotiations for the park are nearly complete. The Lynches will retain the McCleeery name and plan to keep the park at the same location; they are optimistic about the tourism potential of the area. Dr. McCleery is delighted with the couple's plans for the park's improvement.

The Lynches are from Milwaukee where they worked with malamute kennels. They own a male Malamute named Kim, who is often mistaken for a wolf. Jack used to work in structural steel for the Kunde Erecting Corporation.

The article mentions that Dr. McCleery's most cherished recognition occurred last year when he was invited by the director of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans to the New York University's unveiling of a bust and tablet for Thomas Alva Edision.

An excerpt from the article is quoted below.


February 5, 1962

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A young Milwaukee, Wis. structural steel engineer and his wife who became interested in the McCleery Lobo Wolves a little more than a year ago through internationally circulated magazine articles today are owners of the famed pack - an attraction that has drawn uncounted thousands of people to this area for more than 40 years.

Dr. E. H. McCleery, retired physician, now aged 94, who is credited with saving the lobos from extinction, confirmed sale of the wolves to Jack and Marjorie Lynch, who have been residing at the park area seven miles east of Kane on Route 6 for the past few months.

Negotiations now are near completion for the couple to acquire the park area. Mr. Lynch said, "We will retain the name in honor of Dr. McCleery and, in view of the mounting tourism effort in this area, we plan to retain the same location."

Mr. and Mrs. Lynch first came here in 1960 during a Thanksgiving vacation trip to see the wolves. Both had been interested in malemute[sic] kennels in Milwaukee and were fascinated by the lobos and the potential they offered as an attraction. It was their interest and ambition to continue preservation of the pack that led Dr. McCleery to continue correspondence and the sale to the couple over many other prospective buyers.

Dr. McCleery gained legendary fame for his interest in preservation of the lobo wolves. In turn the wolves brought fame to Kane with numerous movies, TV programs and many magazine and newspaper features publicizing Dr. McCleery and his pack.

Many world famed personalities have visited the McCleery Wolf Farm since Dr. McCleery acquired his first lobo in 1920 from Sheridan, Wyo. To the medical doctor who retired from his practice to give his time to scientific studies and care of the lobos, his most cherished recognition came only last year when he received invitation from the director of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans to ceremonies at New York University unveiling a bust and tablet for Thomas Alva Edison.