Lobos in Move Out, 'Sleep Baby Sleep'.... [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that Jack Lynch is moving the wolves to a location near the Olympic National Park in Washingtonian. About 20 of the wolves have been air-lifted to the new location, and Jack is tranquilizing the remaining 31 wolves (including pregnant females) to prepare them for shipment via trailer to the new park.

Jack mentions that meat supply was one of the major considerations in the move; meat will be easy to obtain at the new location but was difficult to obtain locally at the current park. He plans to retain ownership of the 100-acre Route 6 property, and it is unknown whether he will return to the area when the road situation changes.

Jack said that most of the wolves are bred by artificial insemination and that the puppies are "aborted" (which I assume means taken from the parents). This has decreased the mortality rate greatly.

I believe this is an article from the Kane Republican, but I am not completely sure. It was in a box at the Kane Depot with a date but not a source. I need to confirm the source and the page numbers and then I will add the partial text.


February 15, 1972


The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.