Kane to Lose Famed Wolf Pack? Jack Lynch Says Lobos Will Be Moved To The West Coast [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that in February, Jack Lynch will move the wolves to a site near the Olympic National Park in Washington. He had been considering a move for the past few years because planned highway changes will diminish tourism potential, and meat for the wolves has been difficult to obtain. Jack has been unable to acquire land near the Allegheny National Forest.

Mrs. Lynch has already moved to the new location. Jack plans to tranquilize the wolves and move them via trailer and possibly by air. Of the 52 wolves, he may have to destroy one or two which would not make the trip. The Lynches plan to retain the 100-acre property along Route 6.

I believe this is an article from the Kane Republican, but I am not completely sure. It was in a box at the Kane Depot with a date but not a source. I need to confirm the source and the page numbers and then I will add the partial text.


January 17, 1972


The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.