It's 'Fangs For The Memories' In Kane As Wolves Head West [Article in Pittsburgh Press]


This article reports that Jack Lynch is moving his wolf pack from Route 6 near Kane, PA to Gardiner, WA. The move was caused by difficulty in obtaining food for the 53 wolves (which eat three steers a week) and I-80 rerouting tourist traffic away from the park. Jack fears he will no longer get the 25,000 to 30,000 visitors he used to get each summer. In Washington, near a national park and an ocean, he anticipates more traffic.

The article recounts Jack's experiences in getting to know the wolves, and especially with Big Saber and a wolf who was protecting an older wolf. Lynch describes the wolves' mentality and tells a story of his wife Margie, who once tried to take grapes away from a wolf who had became their house pet. The wolf attacked and slashed her face. Though Margie knew she was in the wrong, Lynch had to shoot the animal. Later Margie kept a newborn wolf pup in her bed when its mother died so that she would know when the pup needed to be fed through an eyedropper. That pup is now the two-year-old Tanya.


February 13, 1972

Page Numbers

1, 8


A copy of this article is owned by University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center in the "Neal L. Blair Papers" archive - Box 2, Folder 20.