Memory by Richard Sams


A memory submitted by Richard Sams, who lived in Dr. McCleery's old house along Route 6 between 1968 and 1972. He has fond memories of Rose Carroll, who lived next door.



December 9, 2014


I lived in the house on the left [in this photograph] from 1968 until I graduated in 1972 and left for the military, but my parents remained until around 1975. I remember the howling of the wolves, feeding them with Jack and Margie Lynch, and talking with Rose about them and Dr. McCleery. It was a sad day when I learned Jack had taken the wolves out west.

I am not sure if we were the first owners of the house after Dr. McCleery but I still remember the house and would not mind living there again. We were originally from WV and moved up there so my step father could work at the Kane Handle in 1966. When the plant shut down my family moved away from the area, however I still keep in contact with my fellow students and attend every reunion. That area is one of the best places to live I have ever been to. They still are upset about the loss of the Wolf Farm as the team is called the Kane Wolves. Jack would not even bring a wolf to the games to show community pride nor would he sell a wolf to the town.

Concerning Rose, there was never a nicer woman you would like to meet. My step-father and mother would go next door where she lived and spend hours with her. He played on her piano and they would all sing. I mowed her lawn and shoveled her driveway when I was there. When I went into the military in 1972 she would always tease me that my girl friends where calling her in the middle of the night asking about me. I would tell her that they were jealous because they knew I loved her more. She would drive herself anywhere she wanted to go and would sometimes ask my mom to go with her just for the company. I met her family from Phillie when they would visit but never really got to know them.

Rose thought that Dr. McCleery was one of the greatest men she had ever known, and was proud of him, and his work. I always felt that there was some tension between her and the Lynches but she would never talk too much about them. I don't think I even saw them speak to each other during the time I was around.

Rose passed away as never getting married but I always felt that she loved Dr. McCleery. Rose’s family took her back to Phillie when she passed away.

Jack and Marge had a volatile relationship and could often be heard late at night having their "disagreements". I suspected but never truly observed her drinking. Jack was slightly arrogant at times and they liked their privacy, but he loved and took care of the farm. The wolves always came before anything else. He would keep the pups in his trailer with him to ensure their safety and well-being.

I don't remember a scar on Marge but I do know Jack got attacked by the wolves once when he turned his back on them too soon. Jack kept Mexican, Timber and Lobos there along with a mountain lion and a male African Lion. I actually got to help feed them on occasion but not too often.

What I miss about that home and time is when late at night the wolves would all start their howling and the lions would roar. It got to where I could not go to sleep without the sounds.

My family had photos but lost them in 1994 when their house was destroyed. I still have a photo of Rose somewhere and when I find it I will post it and send it to you.