Memory by Dr. Elliott Dushkin


A memory submitted by Elliott Dushkin about his and his wife's (Carolyn Dushkin's) correspondence with Jack and Mary Lynch over the course of several years, starting in the late 1980s.


September 29, 2015



My wife and I saw an article in "Parade" magazine in the late 1980's. We wrote to the address which was the Macleery Buffalo Wolf foundation and started a correspondence with Jack and Mary. They sent us a lot of pictures over the years. At first, Jack scoured the highways for roadkill to feed the wolves and over the years, the donations allowed them to build a wolf sanctuary in Montana or Wyoming, way up near their common border. They sent pictures of the wolves and other animals that came into their care, including abandoned cats, dogs, wolf-mixes, etc. We saw the pictures of the expanding compound and were excited when they were able to affort a large refrigerator and had enough money to buy food for the animals instead of having to scavenge for it. Due to my wife and I many moves, we no longer have any pictures, but we still remember Jack and Mary sending pictures of the two of them holding baby wolves, adult wolves and a variety of other animals. Incidentally, Mary alwasys signed the letters and pictures "JACKMARY" as one word. Later on, they sent pictures of their son, I believe and their granddaughter(?) who were working at the sanctuary.

Hopefullly, this will give you a bit more information about some very remarkable people.