Huge Lobo Kills Two Timber Wolves In Short Fight at McCleery Park [Article in Kane Republican]


This article reports that the 130-pound lobo wolf "Bounding Elk" broke through two layers of wire fencing separating his pen from that of two timber wolves (weighing 85 and 75 pounds) and proceeded to kill both wolves. At the time of writing, there were 27 lobo and white arctic wolves in addition to timber wolves in Dr. McCleery's pack. Partial text of the article is quoted below.

This story was repeated in brief on February 2, 1934 in newspapers around the country, including the Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, NV) (p.2), Lima News (Lima, OH) (p.3), and Clearfield Progress (Clearfield, PA) (p.10).


January 31, 1934

Page Numbers

1, 4


The Kane Republican is available on microfilm.

Partial Text

Dr. McCleery stated today that the timber and lobo wolves are enemies and for that reason he keeps them separated. They fight through the wire frequently and evidently these scuffles had weakened the fence through which the big lobo plunged to dispatch his enemies.

The combined weight of the dead animals was little more than the weight of the lobo. One of the timber wolves weight 85 pounds and the other 75.

Dr McCleery has 27 lobos and white arctics in addition to the timber wolves at the park.