Search Guide

The Search page searches within the Archive, Personal Accounts, Biographies, and Wolf Profiles. It does not search the rest of this site's pages. To search the site itself, go to Google, type your keywords into the search box, and add "" afterwards.

This site searches for keywords exactly as they have been typed. For instance, typing "wolves" will not bring up "wolf" or "wolfe."

Search for Keywords

The "Search for Keywords" function will search all fields in a record (including title, description, publisher, birth date, etc) except for tags. It will not search within PDF documents.

Narrow by Specific Fields

The "Narrow by Specific Fields" function allows you to dictate the contents of a specific field. The first drop-down menu allows you to target a field (I apologize for the amount of fields in this list; I will eventually fix that) and the second drop-down menu allows you to dictate the relationship of that field to the search terms you write beneath the drop-down menus.

You must select an option from both of the drop-down menus or you will not get any results. Unfortunately, you cannot yet search the "title" field specifically.

Search by Type

The "Search by Type" field allows you to limit your search to only one of the four main areas of the website - the Archive, Personal Accounts, Biographies, and Wolf Profiles.

Search by Tags

The "Search by Tags" field allows you to search for specific tags. You must know the exact name of the tag; it will not search for keywords within tags. For instance, if you are looking for items about Dr. McCleery's wolf named Jerry, typing "Jerry" in this field will yield no results. You would need to type the full name of the tag - "Named Wolf - Jerry" - to get results.

An easier way to search for tags is to go to the Browse Tags page (which lists all tags in alphabetical order) and click ctrl+F to search within your browser. The Subject Guide may also help you find specific tags.