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Carolyn-Hedlund-The Wolf- A Man's Hobby by Volney F. Dunbar.pdf
This book by Volney F. Dunbar, who was an employee at Dr. E. H. McCleery's wolf farm, answers questions from visitors and was written with permission from Dr. McCleery.

The book addresses the care of the wolves, their history, their habits, details of how the park is run, and provides anecdotes…
Date: 1932

Letter from Harold M. Anderson of The Sun newspaper to Graydon F. Smart of the Kane Republican newspaper regarding the collection of affidavits pertaining to Dr. McCleery's wolves. Full text of the letter is quoted below.
Date: January 22, 1932

Affidavit of Volney F. Dunbar, manager at the wolf farm, who claims that, upon assisting in securing two liters of wolf pups, most of the wolves showed aggression towards him, but that upon returning the pups, the wolves appeared to have forgiven him. Dunbar also claims that on another occasion, a…
Date: January 21, 1932