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Letter from Margie Lynch to the Kane Republican


Letter from Marjorie "Margie" Lynch to the Kane Republican and the people of Kane, written on stationary from Port Angeles Motor Inn. Marjorie implores the Kane people to do all they can to bring the wolves back to Kane and expresses sorrow for moving them to Gardiner, saying she knows Jack is sorry too. She doesn't want them released in the Cascades or the Great Plains, believing they would not survive after being in captivity for so long. She mentions that her friends Ed and Liz Andrews were in Kane a while ago and spoke to Nick Novisel whom she indicates owns the old wolf park land and would gladly give the land back for the wolves. She believes she can also count on the help of Tom Dolan (who cared for the wolves under Dr. McCleery's care), Larry Woods, Vic Westerberg, and Atty Jacobus (these names may be transcribed incorrectly).

Marjorie mentions that she and Jack separated because of Mary Wheeler, whom she greatly dislikes, and states that Jack makes sure Marjorie gets no publicity or credit despite the fact that she is still the president of the Foundation.

Marjorie has enclosed a news article titled "Future of Lobos Mixed," published in the Daily News (Port Angeles, WA) on March 2, 1980, on page 1, on which she has written, "Please help to bring the lobos home, Margie Lynch." The article features a photo of Jack and a wolf, whom Marjorie identifies as Gabriel, and whose brother Lumax is also in their care. She also mentions keeping an African lion named Simba and a Siberian tiger named Shaw II.

Marjorie says she can be reached through her attorney Craig Ritchie.




March 5, 1980


This document is currently owned by the Kane Depot and is available for viewing.