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Future of Lobos Mixed, Once Nearly Extinct, They May Leave Gardiner [Article in Daily News]


This article describes the possibility of creating a preserve for Jack Lynch's lobo wolves in their natural habitat, in part due to Lynch's inability to continue funding the wolves. The proposed house bill (1916) - an idea of Rep. Jerry Hughes, a proponent of the wolves - would appropriate $50,000 to create a temporary holding area for Lynch's wolves in the Cascades where it is hoped they will once more adapt to life in the wild before being moved to a sanctuary in the Great Plains (which Rep Tom Foley plans to introduce a bill to create).

Opponents of the bill include Rep. Helen Fancher who believes the wolves would kill people, and Rep. Andy Disbet who is concerned the wolves will become wards of the state if the Great Plains sanctuary is not funded.

If the bill is passed, Lynch would work with the State Department of Game to maximize the wolves' protection. It is mentioned that the state of Pennsylvania has adopted Lynch's animal containment guidelines for all its wildlife preserves.


March 2, 1980

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