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Welcome to the Kane Depot’s McCleery Lobo Wolves Archive!

This archive has been transferred to the Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive. We hope to see you there!

The Kane Depot’s McCleery Lobo Wolves Archive is a digital library consisting of primary and secondary source materials relevant to Dr. Edward Heber McCleery and his successors’ work with wolves. All items in this collection were donated to and acquired by the Kane Depot, the historic preservation society of Kane, Pennsylvania.

This website serves both as a finding aid for the Kane Depot’s physical McCleery Lobo Wolves collection, and as a full-text database of the materials in the collection for which no known copyright restrictions exist. We hope to better preserve our collection by offering digital versions of select items to reduce the handling and prolong the life of the physical artifacts. We also hope that offering this information online will help raise awareness of the Kane Depot’s collection and generate interest in Dr. McCleery’s and his successors’ work with wolves.

This digital library is for anyone with an interest in Dr. McCleery’s and his successors’ work, including students, teachers, researchers, historians, or individuals who want to take a trip down memory lane.

About Dr. McCleery

Dr. McCleery of Kane, Pennsylvania worked to conserve a subspecies of wolves beginning in the early 1920s. He eventually established a “wolf farm” along Route 6 (between Kane and Mt. Jewett) which became a tourist attraction that lured visitors from all over the United States.

Shortly before Dr. McCleery's death in 1962, he sold his wolves to Jack Lynch, who continued his work with wolves. The wolves were eventually moved to Washington state, and later to different locations in Montana. Dr. McCleery’s successors are still carrying out his work today at the E. H. McCleery Buffalo Wolf Foundation in Montana.

Getting Started

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Photo of Dr. McCleery

Photo of one of Dr. McCleery's wolves

Photo of Dr. McCleery

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