Dr. E. H. McCleery, Aged 94, Dies; Widely Noted For Famed Wolf Pack, Won World Recognition For His Efforts to Save Lobos From Extinction, Resided Here 68 Years; Was Practicing Physician For Over Half-Century [Article in Kane Republican]


In this obituary, the Kane Republican reports on the death of Dr. E. H. McCleery at 5pm on May 23, 1962. The article describes his achievements - namely his profession as a physician and his success in preserving the last of the lobo wolves. It describes his education, profession, honors he has received, publications he has written, his work with wolves, the success of his wolf park as a tourist attraction, the sale of his wolves to the Lynches, and his activity in his later years.

He was a member of the First United Presbyterian Church, the American Medical Association, the Pennsylvania Medical Association, and the McKean County Medical Society. He is survived by his daughter Mrs. Helen McCleery Mendon, and his grandson Howard G. Mendon, Jr., both of whom live in Brigantine NJ. His daughter Mary Jane McCleery and son John McCleery both preceded him in death.

Three weeks ago Dr. McCleery was stricken with appendicitis and taken to the Bradford Hospital. He underwent major surgery, seemed to recover quickly, but then suffered a mild coronary and passed away. Memorial Services will be held at the Cummings Funeral Home and officiated by Reverend William J. Bovard. Dr. McCleery will be buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery.

This obituary mentions that the Argosy magazine had material for an article at the time of Dr. McCleery's death, but according to an article published 1/7/66 (I presume by the Kane Republican) such an article was never published. This obituary also states that Dr. McCleery moved his wolf pack to the Route 6 location on February 23, 1930, but the move actually occurred on May 10, 1929.

An excerpt from the article is quoted below.


May 24, 1962

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Many Honors

Dr. McCleery won many honors and international recognition in his residence in Kane since 1894. As a physician, he was honored by county, state and American Medical societies when he completed 50 years of practice. But it was his wolves that brought him fame through movies, magazines, news features, television and other media of public information ranging to "classic comic books."

He authored numerous scientific articles on the lobos and their habits and one book "The Lone Killer." For a number of years he was center of a controversy on the lobos that sports magazines and newspapers featured coast to coast. At time of his death, the Argosy magazine had complete photos and materials for an article.

Through the past score of years as advancing age forced more and more limits on his activity, Dr. McCleery began looking for a successor to carry on with the wolves. He told newsmen time and again that offers for the lobo pack were not in interests of the wolves. He said "I want them to remain here where they belong and in charge of people who will want to carry on as I have done." On February 5 he formally announced sale of the park and lobos to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch, of Milwaukee, Wis. He said "They have the youth, the enthusiasm - the energy, drive and above all the interest to carry on. I am satisfied, my mind is at ease."

Kept in Touch

Dr. McCleery continued to reside near the Wolf Park - "keeping in touch." Up to the past year he drove his own car but gave up that chore to his secretary Miss Rose Carroll who had helped manage the wolf park for many years. He had almost daily rides through the area - remaining keenly interested in life and activities on the Hilltop area. Several weeks ago he spent an afternoon "talking about a new car."

Three weeks ago he was stricken in early morning hours with appendicitis and was taken to Bradford hospital where he showed improvement - but where examination disclosed the illness was a complication from other conditions. Two weeks ago he underwent successful major surgery and a few days later was improved to extent that he was "out of bed." Two days ago he suffered a mild coronary and complications resulted in his death at 5 p.m. yesterday.

In Kane 68 Years

Dr. Edward H. McCleery was born July 23, 1867 at Milton, Pa. He was a graduate of the Lawrenceville, N.J. Preparatory School, Princeton University and Jefferson Medical College. He had also taken postgraduate refresher courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

After practicing medicine for two years at Cheyenne, Wyo., he came to Kane to reside in 1894. He was a general practitioner here for 50 years prior to his retirement.