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In this obituary, the Kane Republican reports on the death of Dr. E. H. McCleery at 5pm on May 23, 1962. The article describes his achievements - namely his profession as a physician and his success in preserving the last of the lobo wolves. It describes his education, profession, honors he has…
Date: May 24, 1962

The 1940 Census describes the McCleery household at 3 Park Avenue South in Kane, PA - a house which the family owns and where they have been living since at least April 1, 1935.

Edward H. McCleery, head of the household, is described as a white 72-year-old male who works as a physician at a…
Date: April 11, 1940

This is an alumni catalog for the Jefferson Medical College. It provides a brief description of each graduate's current work and location as of 1917.

Dr. Edward H. McCleery of the class of 1891, currently a physician in Kane, PA, is listed on page 148. His brief biography is quoted below as it is…
Date: 1917

This book lists prominent Pennsylvania residents along with their biographical information and accomplishments. Dr. E. H. McCleery is profiled for his accomplishments with the lobo wolves. Also described are his family, history of prospecting for gold in Alaska, experience with wild mustangs,…
Date: 1958

This article describes an experience of Dr. Charles E. Cleland who came to the Kane area in 1933 with his wife Dr. Elizabeth Cleland to serve as medical officer to the Civilian Conservation Corps. While purchasing medical supplies at the Temple Pharmacy he was introduced to Dr. E. H. McCleery, who…
Date: February 20, 1962

A retrospective article that describes the events of five years ago (1926). One such event is Dr. McCleery's taking Dan Crossmire to Philadelphia for treatment after an auto accident. Partial text of the article (everything relevant to Dr. McCleery) is quoted below.
Date: November 25, 1931

This document appears to have been written by Dr. McCleery, in which he describes himself and his work with wolves. I am uncertain of the circumstances under which this document was created. My best guess is that it may have been written for the benefit of the Kane Republican because it was in a box…
Date: May 1949

This book by Dr. E. H. McCleery describes the different subspecies of wolves, the psychology of his wolves, and provides anecdotes of the pack. It completely covers the time at the Kane wolf park, and a short amount of time at the Route 6 wolf park. The poem on the last page was written by the Kane…
Date: 1929