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The 1880 Census describes the McCleery household as it was when Dr. E. H. McCleery was a 12-year-old boy. John P. McCleery, head of the household, is described as a white 43-year-old male and a lawyer. His wife, Mary H. McCleery, is described as a white 35-year-old female and homemaker. Their…
Date: June 8 and 9, 1880

This yearbook mentions E. H. McCleery on page 22 with the listing, "Ed. H. McCleery, '88, C.E.," and lists his home address as "Milton, Pa.," and his room as "6 W. W. H." Page 45 reports that E. H. McCleery (class of 1888) was the Second Vice-President of the Princeton College Engineering Society…
Date: 1885

This catalog of Princeton University lists Edward Heber McCleery of Milton, PA in the academic year of 1885-86 as a student of the John C. Green School of Science - a sophomore undergraduate who is a candidate for the Civil Engineering (C.E.) degree and who is currently residing at 6 West Entry of…
Date: 1885

This catalog of the Jefferson Medical College describes the college, staff, courses, schedules, entrance examinations, graduation requirements, tuition, prizes, textbooks, and graduates of the class of 1891.

Edward Heber McCleery was presented his Degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Public…
Date: 1891

This decennial catalog of the Lawrenceville School (John C. Green Foundation, Lawrenceville, NJ) lists Edward Heber McCleery from Milton, PA as having been a student enrolled at the school in the 1883-1884 academic year.
Date: 1893 or 1894

This directory of Princeton College lists E. H. McCleery from Milton, Northumberland County, PA as an ex-member of the class of 1888 (a former student, but not a graduate). The abbreviation "M" for Medicine is listed next to his name. "E" for Engineering is an available abbreviation listed in the…
Date: 1896

The 1910 Census describes the Carroll household at 5 Park Avenue in Kane, PA - a house which the family rents. Martin Carroll, head of the household, is described as a white 52-year-old male who works as a gauger of oil tanks. He was born in New York, and his parents were both born in Ireland. His…
Date: April 1910

This marriage certificate describes the union of Edward H. McCleery and Mary N. Byham on either February or July (the writing is unclear) 28, 1914 by George A. Sutton in Kane, PA. The application supplies details about Edward, Mary, and their families.

Once I can confirm the month of their…
Date: 1914

This is an alumni catalog for the Jefferson Medical College. It provides a brief description of each graduate's current work and location as of 1917.

Dr. Edward H. McCleery of the class of 1891, currently a physician in Kane, PA, is listed on page 148. His brief biography is quoted below as it is…
Date: 1917

This photograph depicts Elmer Jones with a dog. This photograph is included in the photo album of Ruth A. Jones.
Date: 1917

This photograph depicts Margaret Jones, wife of Robert B. Jones, and mother of Earl C. Jones. Ruth Heeter, daughter of Margaret Jones, and granddaughter of Robert B. Jones and Margaret Jones (senior), identified the woman in this photo as her grandmother Margaret Jones.
Date: 1917

This book is by Bud Dalrymple, a South Dakota wolfer employed by the U.S. Government who obtained at least one wolf for Dr. E. H. McCleery. His book describes his wolf hunting techniques and provides anecdotes. A foreword by Ben P. R. Roose (which mentions the wolf "Bruno" who eventually came to be…
Date: 1919

This photograph depicts Robert B. Jones (with a pipe in his mouth) and an unidentified man. This photo is not necessarily relevant to Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, but was scanned alongside other images. This photograph is included in the scrapbook of Earl C. Jones.
Date: Probably the 1910s or 1920s

I believe this picture depicts the first Achilles; Dr. McCleery was fond of the name, and also had wolves named Achilles Jr., Achilles III, and Achilles IV. Several early postcards exist depicting Dr. McCleery's original wolves, and I believe this is one of them. Dr. McCleery obtained Achilles in…
Date: Between 1921 and 1926

This photograph depicts a wolf lying down in the snow at Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located in Kane, PA. This photo was included in the 1926 Hurri-Kane Yearbook, dating it between 1921 and 1926.
Date: Between 1921 and 1926

This picture depicts Boreas, whom Dr. McCleery acquired in 1921. This photo was taken by the time the Hurri-Kane Yearbook was published in 1926, as it appears in the yearbook. I am making a guess that this photograph was taken by A. A. Nicolas based on the style.

The version of this photograph…
Date: Between 1921 and 1926

This photograph depicts Dr. Edward Heber McCleery, often referred to as Dr. E. H. McCleery.

This photograph was probably taken in 1922 (when it appeared in the June 1922 K. S. H. (Kane Summit Hospital) Annual on page 10).
Date: Probably 1922

This photograph depicts five wolves (one of which was sold to Lord Auckland in 1923) at Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located within the town limits of Kane, PA. A structure which looks like a doghouse is visible in a neighboring pen. I believe this photo was taken by A. A. Nicolas due to the…
Date: Photographed between 1921 and 1923. Published as a postcard between 1929 and 1949

This photograph depicts Robert B. Jones, husband of Margaret Jones, father of Earl C. Jones, and the superintendent of Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park while it was located within the town limits of Kane, PA. He is holding a baby and a pipe, and is standing near what might have been an outside wall of…
Date: Probably the 1910s or 1920s

This photograph depicts Lady Silver, the wolf in the 1922 silent film "Brawn of the North." The 1926 Kane High School Yearbook (the Hurri-Kane) claimed that this wolf was from Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf pack, but she was probably never owned by Dr. McCleery; she was, however, related to some of the…
Date: November 25, 1922